Working form home people have more and more pain in the posture. I have created simple formula that connect you and your body and provides you pain free life. You can actually enjoy working form home and have active life.

Medella Center is a meeting point of knowledge and services in the field of sports, rehabilitation and therapeutic massages with the aim of acting against pain and aiming to increase the quality of life of an individual. With an individual and interdisciplinary approach to clients, we provide high quality service for all age categories.

Our services are dedicated, measurable and innovative. We are guided by the basic principles of the center:

  1. Ensure access to quality rehabilitation and prevention.
  2. Improve improve the quality of life of customers by integrating sport.
  3. Develop services that meet the needs of our customers.
  4. Staying true to our mission, vision and values.

Ideal leader of the Medelle Center and active therapist is MSc. Andreja Setinc. She began her journey into sports and rehabilitation knowledge more than a decade and a half ago when she enrolled in the Faculty of Sport because of a desire to eliminate her own incorrect posture and help others. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Athlete Rehabilitation. Later, she upgraded her knowledge to a master’s degree in kinesiology.

Health is not about what works for anyone else; it’s about what works for you.”                                                                   (ST Blokker)